By joining Transmit, you will have a wide range of opportunities to grow. You will have the opportunity to assist major companies in creating urban productions. It is this environment that allows our employees to enjoy the daily challenges and rewards and that makes Transmit strive to be the best employer in China's real estate consulting industry.

Please refer to and for job information and recruitment location. We accept email, fax and other methods of sending resumes. If you have any further questions regarding recruitment, we will be happy to provide you with the relevant information.

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Leases Agent

Leasing Project Director

Job responsibilities

1.Be responsible for operating various lease agent projects and communicating with Party A.

2.Assist in early contact for project development opportunities and contract signing.

3.Be responsible for managing project personnel.

Job requirements:

1.Have at least 3 years of experience in office building lease agent project operation and management.

2.Know well the office building market in Shanghai.

3.Have good communication and interpersonal skills.

Strategy Research

Strategy Research Consulting Director

Job responsibilities

1.Be responsible for leading the team to complete the consulting report business of customers.

2.Cooperate in the relevant business of the company's block trade and asset management team.

3.Timely complete various targeted reports based on the company's big data platform.

Job requirements:

1.Have a bachelor's degree or above from a well-known university, and at least 5 years of working experience (3 years for master's degree);

2.Have a deep understanding of commercial property market, and have the working experience as a project manager in the consulting department of industry related companies;

3.Be able to write project consulting report independently and have strong ability of report and presentation;

4.Those who have experience in five major banks, CRIC, ECS, Tospur are preferred.

Investment Agent

Business Development Manager

Job responsibilities:

1.Expand and maintain channel relationships with relevant government investment agencies, local and industrial chambers of commerce and associations as well as partners based on the company's business development needs, and strive for various business resources.

2.Establish and maintain the progressive recognition and high acceptance of the company's brand from external circles.

3.Cooperate with business department to link relevant business resources.

Job requirements:

1.Have channel resources such as investment promotion by relevant government, regional chamber of commerce and associations, and fintech industry associations.

2.Those with BD experience in high-end service enterprises and related brand working background are preferred.

3.Have good image and temperament, and be good at interpersonal communication.

4.Have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Investment Agent

Investment Director

Job responsibilities:

1.Be responsible for the expansion of block trade business resources (including project resources and customer resources) and business negotiation, as well as the facilitation of the final signing.

2.Effectively classify and sort out business resources developed by yourself.

3.Actively collect all kinds of relevant market information (such as transaction information and third-party information) and give timely feedback.

Job requirements:

1.Have at least three years of experience in real estate investment transactions related to buying and selling in commercial office field.

2.Under 30 years old, with bachelor's degree or above and good appearance.

3.Be good at communication and have excellent interpersonal skills.

Business Consulting

Sales Manager/Assistant Manager

Job responsibilities:

1.Provide professional real estate site selection consulting services to customers to ensure the achievement of personal sales targets.

2.Effectively carry out long-term follow-up and maintenance management of key accounts.

3.Keep abreast of market trends as required by the company, and maintain good relations with major developers.

Job requirements:

1.Have a bachelor's degree or above, and those with 3-5 years of working experience in office building leasing or corporate service in Shanghai are preferred.

2.Have strong sales and negotiation skills.

3.Be able to independently complete the development, tracking, service and maintenance of the relationship between customers and developers.

4.Have good team spirit, and be able to work under pressure and multi-tasking environment.

Business Consulting

Property Consultant

Job responsibilities:

1.Proactively expand and maintain customers through various channels.

2. Carefully maintain the area and buildings you are responsible for according to the company's requirements.

3. Take the initiative to report business progress and fulfill various management requirements of the company.

Job requirements:

1.Have a bachelor's degree or above, and have a strong interest in sales.

2.Have good appearance and temperament, and those majoring in foreign language are preferred.

3.Those who have more than 1-2 years of experience in office building lease are preferred.